Preserving Naturist History


Through its Naturist Education Foundation Research Library, the Naturist Education Foundation (NEF) is committed to maintaining the world’s largest and most complete collection of naturist-themed magazines, books, and other items of historical or cultural importance. By making the resource available to researchers, NEF improves academic and public understanding of what naturism has been and is today, benefiting both the naturist community and the general public.


  1. Amass a complete collection of vintage and contemporary naturist-related books, magazines, and videos from around the world, as well as other naturist-related ephemera of possible cultural, historical, or aesthetic interest.
  2. Store, secure, and catalog this collection.
  3. Make this collection available for use by scholars, journalists, and others doing research or analysis pertaining to naturism.
  4. Digitize select items and make them available for digital lending to the general public


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