To assist in the work of the Naturist Education Foundation’s operational success, the Board of Directors approved the establishment of the following committees:

  • Executive Committee: Responsible for the overall management of the affairs of the organization between meetings of the board of directors; development of a strategic goals and objectives for consideration by the board of directors; planning of board meetings and the annual meeting.
  • Governance Committee: Responsible for the management of the board policies and procedures, including recommending actions to review or enforce the approved policies and procedures of the organization; ensuring that all organizational records are maintained in accordance with the laws that govern the organization; enforcing the requirements of this resolution; and conducting a regular review (audit) of the operations of the board.
  • Finance & Audit Committee: Responsible for the financial management, planning and reporting for the organization; developing and managing the organization’s fundraising plan and grant administration plan.
  • External Relations (Marketing/PR) Committee: Responsible for the development and management of the marketing and/or public relations of the organization through the online presence (i.e. website, social media, newsletter, etc.); managing the organization’s speaker’s bureau, including development of marketing materials for use by the organization.
  • Library Committee: Responsible for management and maintenance of the organization’s reference libraries, including the development of policies and procedures for the operation of the libraries; providing financial budgets for each library to the Finance and Audit Committee for inclusion in the organizational budget.