NEF is a 501(c)3 nonprofit charitable foundation. Donations of materials and money are tax-deductible under most circumstances. Consult your tax professional.

For smaller-sized donations

Magazines, papers, small items that should fit in a PO box, please ship them to:

NEF Research Library
PO Box 132
Oshkosh, WI 54903

For larger donations

Please contact us at to inform us about the donation. We will probably provide a street address for a board member or plan to stop in at the post office when it’s expected to arrive. Using the library’s street address is bad since the library is unstaffed and packages may sit outside for weeks.

Tip: For lower rates via the USPS, ask the post office to ship as “media mail”. Do NOT include letters or correspondence in the package, as that disqualifies the media mail rates. Also beware that they will likely inspect the contents to verify it is media mail.

Material Donation Policy

The Naturist Education Foundation Research Library (hereafter “the Library”) accepts donations of any kind that support and further the mission and objectives of the Library, as established by the Naturist Education Foundation’s board of directors.

The purpose of this policy is to specify the types of donations and gifts that the Library will accept and how the Library may make use of those donations. The Library appreciates the donor’s generosity in presenting a donation of materials or a gift of money to the Naturist Education Foundation (NEF). The Library acknowledges that such an act contributes to research and education regarding naturism, and ultimately contributes to the public good.

The Library gratefully accepts donations of naturist-related materials in good condition and monetary gifts. Naturist-related materials include individual or sets of books (fiction or nonfiction), booklets, magazines, pamphlets, video recordings (e.g., film, VHS tapes, DVDs), music recordings (e.g., 45s, LPs, cassette tapes, CDs), club newsletters, calendars, ephemera (e.g., postcards, posters, movie film cards, flyers, advertising material). By “naturist-related,” the Library refers to items specifically about or pertaining to social nudity. The Library understands that “naturist-related” can be a broad topic, but it is outside the mission of the Library to collect or facilitate research on nudity that applies solely to erotica, sex work, or medical practices. The Library retains the right to reject or dispose of any donated items viewed as outside its mission. The Library does not accept or retain any materials that are illegal to possess.

In the case of the gift of a particularly rare or valuable collection of materials, the Library will confer with the donor regarding its placement and use within the Library. The Library may not be able, or wish, to agree to all the donor’s requests regarding such issues as keeping donated items together as a discrete collection.

The objectives of the Library will dictate how such collections are best made available to researchers.

If the donation or gift is provided according to the policy outlined here, an acknowledgment of receipt of the donation or gift will be made to the donor in writing no later than February of the following year. Donated materials will become part of the collection of the Library if they are deemed by the Library directors to be of relevance to naturist research, and a copy of the item is not presently in the stacks. Donations that are duplicates or of lesser physical condition than material presently in the stacks may be sold or traded for other materials with other libraries or elsewhere to support the Library’s objectives.

All donations and gifts accepted by the Library become the property of the Library, which has the prerogative to keep, sell, or dispose of the items. Permanent loans are not accepted.

The Library cannot and does not appraise books, magazines, videos, or other donated items. Donors who wish to have the value of a donation specified must make all arrangements for and bear all costs of an appraisal. Donors will bear the cost of shipping any donated items to the Library, unless prior arrangements have been agreed upon with the Library.

The Library also accepts donations of naturist-related real items (e.g., artworks, toys, plaques), if those items support the objectives of the Library. Most items in this category accepted by the Library will be those that have historical significance, cultural bearing, or aesthetic relevance to naturism. The storage, placement, display, sale, trade, or disposal of an item is the sole prerogative of the Library. The Library will not accept real items that cannot be properly cared for or secured by the Library within normal operations and procedures of the Library. The Library retains the prerogative to accept or reject any item offered to the Library.

The Library accepts gifts of furniture and equipment in good condition that supports and furthers the mission and objectives of the Library, but only after consultation with the Library directors. The Library retains the prerogative to accept or reject any gift of furniture and/or equipment for the Library.

The placement and use of furniture and equipment is solely the prerogative of the Library. The Library will not accept furniture or equipment that cannot be properly cared for or secured by the Library within normal operations and procedures of the Library. To donate property or other items not directly related to naturism, please contact NEF to discuss your wishes.

Gifts of money, in any amounts, may be made to the Naturist Education Foundation, which is committed to seeing the Library achieve its mission and objectives as effectively as possible and with fiduciary responsibility. Gifts of money may not be “earmarked” by the donor for specific purposes, although upon receipt of an exceptionally large donation, NEF makes a good faith effort to see that the donor’s desired ends are achieved as effectively as practical.