Welcome to the future! NEFRL is the only naturist library to offer Digital Lending.

  • NEFRL is built from donations and volunteers — this is our way of giving back to the community.
  • This helps preserve the collection — items are handled only once for digitizing.
  • The collection is more accessible to everyone, not just serious researchers.

See an example of a Digital Loan here. It includes a NEFRL video and a century-old skinny dipping song.

How It Works

Step 1

You must be a recognized library patron.

This is just like signing up for a library card at other libraries. Start by filling out the top part of this application form (PDF), and find a sponsor to fill out the bottom part. (List coming soon. For now, Doug Hickok can complete the form.)

The sponsor will check your ID and finish the form. Either of you can send the form to NEF.

Step 2

Browse our materials lists. Categories which list “Digital Lending” access will have items with “digital asset tags” if they are available. These tags look like “video101”, “audio101”, or similar. Anything you find that sounds interesting, write down the asset tag.

Keep an eye on our newsletters. If items are added, we’ll announce them there.

Step 3

Make your request.

Use the email or phone you signed up with, and contact Doug Hickok by email at Doug.Hickok@NaturistEducation.org or by phone at 970-316-2533. Include your Patron ID (“NEF######”) if you know it, and the list of asset tags you want to check out.

Current Library Policy:

  • Patrons can request up to 3 items at a time, but a max of 1 video at a time.
  • Checkouts will last for 14 days (not less, not more).
  • You may submit a new request at any time, but fulfillment depends on if you have an active checkout already, and if the items are available (not checked out to anyone else).

We will confirm receipt of your request.

Step 4

Wait for the link.

Depending on your request, availability of library items, and availability of library volunteers, it may take several days to process your request.

However you sent your request (email or text), we will respond with a private link to access your items. Enjoy them at your leisure for the duration of the checkout. Please do not download anything or share the private link with anyone else — we’re trusting you to adhere to the rules.

Additional Background on CDL

If you use the “Overdrive” app with your local publc library, you’re using a CDL system.

A large consortium of public libraries have come up with an excellent guide on how to implement “Controlled Digital Lending” (CDL) of library items. NEFRL aims to meet these requirements in order to provide easier access to the interesting treasures we house.

The CDL requirements are:

  1. Ensure that original works are acquired lawfully.
  2. Apply CDL only to works that are owned.
  3. Limit the total number of copies in circulation to the number of physical copies the library lawfully owns.
  4. Lend each digital version only to a single user at a time, just like a physical copy would be loaned.
  5. Limit the time period for each lend to one that is analogous to physical lending.
  6. Use Digital Rights Management (DRM) to prevent wholesale copying and redistribution.

NEFRL is adhering to these requirements as follows:

  1. The library’s items are all lawfully acquired.
  2. The library owns all items.
  3. The Digital Lending System prevents circulating too many copies. In general, only one copy is in circulation.
  4. We provide links to the single user making the request, and caution against sharing them.
  5. Loan period is set by library policy.
  6. DRM requires patrons to install something to control access. NEFRL uses a different method than DRM, for two reasons. First is, there’s nothing to install — your web browser can view the content. And second, DRM is often easily broken, and files cannot be traced to the source. Instead, NEFRL uses invisible watermarking technology to embed your patron ID in multiple ways. No matter where the file ends up, NEFRL can disable your access and alert the copyright-holder to your activities. Do not download items or share your links, as this puts yourself at legal risk.