The following calendars are housed at the NEF Research Library. They feature nudism, or a form of nudity that could be related to naturism. Some are special supplements to nudist magazines, some are issues of nudist magazines, and others are produced independently of nudist/naturist groups. Most are for one year, a few cover more than one year, and some cover less than a year. They are listed by year, name of calendar, and publisher.

Last update: December 2019

1950Kalender der FreikörperkultureVerlag Unser Dasein Karlsruhe
1951JahrweiserKunst, Schönheit und Freikörperkultur
1953The Nudist Calendar vol 2 #1Louis H. Allsopp
1954Natural Herald Nudist Calendar and Guide to Natural LivingIvan and Maria Brovont
1955Great American Sunbathing AssociationCalco
1956The Naturist Calendar DeLuxe EditionSunshine Book Co.
1957The Naturist Calendar DeLuxe EditionSunshine Book Co.
1958American Sunbather & Nudist Leader CalendarOutdoor American Corp.
1958The Naturist Calendar DeLuxe EditionSunshine Book Co.
1959American Sunbather & Nudist LeaderOutdoor American Corp.
1959Natural Herald Nudist Calendar & Guide to Natural LivingIvan A. Brovont
1959The Naturist Calendar De Luxe EditionSunshine Book Co.
1960American Nudist Leader CalendarOutdoor American Corp.
1960American Sunbather CalendarOutdoor American Corp.
1960The Canadian Sunbathing AssociationSun Air Magazine
1961American Nudist Leader CalendarOutdoor American Corp.
1961American Sunbather CalendarOutdoor American Corp.
1962Eden CalendarOutdoor American Corp.
1962Natural Life CalendarNaturist Life Foundation
1962The Naturist Official CalendarOutdoor American Corp.
1963Eden CalendarOutdoor American Corp.
1963Natural Life CalendarNaturist Life Foundation
1963The Naturist Official CalendarOutdoor American Corp.
1963Urban Nudistnp
1964American Sunbathing AssociationASA
1964Nude Living (The Sundial Magazine Calendar)Elysium
1964Nude LivingElysium
1964Nudist Scene Sundial CalendarElysium
1964The Naturist CalendarOutdoor American Corp.
1964-66Sun Eranp
1965Nude LivingElysium
1965Nudism TodayElysium
1965Nudist Week Quarterly Note Book #1Elysium
1965Nudist Week Quarterly Note Book #2Elysium
1965Nudist Week Quarterly Note Book #3Elysium
1965Nudist Week Quarterly Note Book #4Elysium
1965The Naturist Official CalendarOutdoor American Corp.
1965Sundial Nudist CalendarElysium
1966Eden Calendar (World’s Color Finest)Outdoor American Corp.
1966FKK-KalenderOskar Klokow
1966Jaybird CalendarJaybird
1966Nude LivingElysium
1966Nudism TodayElysium
1966Nudist Daily CalendarSun Era
1966Nudist Week Quarterly Note Book #5Elysium
1966Nudists a Go GoGray Fox Publishing
1966Sunny Days Nudist Calendar (for NNC)Carlisle
1966The Naturist Official CalendarOutdoor American Corp.
1967“Going My Way”np
1967Husten Sie Mal!Prolog-Verlag
1967Jaybird Daily CalendarJaybird
1967Nude Living CalendarElysium
1967Nudism Today (Official Calendar of the American Sunbathing Association)Elysium
1967Official NNC 1967 Nudist Calendar: An All-color EditionChurch Publications
1967Sundial calendarElysium
1967Suntrails Nudist CalendarCarlisle
1967The Western NudistCarlisle
1968Eden CalendarSuncraft Corp.
1968FKK-KalenderOskar Klokow
1968Nudism TodayElysium
1968Nudist Astrology CalendarCougar Publications
1968Nudist Calendar (Special Pocket Calendar, Your Horoscope, Color Photos)np
1968The All New 1968 Art Gallery CalendarCougar Publications
1968The All New 1968 Nudist Art Exhibit CalendarHerb Stephens Pub.
1969American Sunbathing AssociationElysium
1969Beauty CalendarElysium
1969Classic NudistClassic Publications
1969Eden Calendar (a Bona Fide Nudist Product)Suncraft Corp.
1969Film & FigureJaybird Original
1969FKK-KalendarVerlag Oskar Klokow
1969International Nudist Calendarnp
1969Nudee Living Color Calendarnp
1969Your Horoscope SpecialClassic Publications
1970American Sunbathing AssociationElysium
1970Ankh’s Erotic Revolution CalendarElysium
1970Nudes CalendarClassic Pub.
1970Teen Beauty CalendarElysium
1990Nudes in NatureASA
1996H&E Sonnenfans Kalendernp
June 2000-Dec 2001The Ladies of Rylstone (England)Alternative Women’s Institute
2000The Millennium Naturist Calendar (Charlie Simonds) (Number 65/100, signed by Photographer, signed by Miss July, signed by Miss October.)Parafotos Film Productions
2001Calendario FENAITFederazione Naturista Italiana
2001Saltspring Women Preserve & Protect (Used by 2001 NAC board member.)Save Saltspring Campaign Fund
2002Anmut und SchönheitOVH
2002Feminine Frames: The Art of Mountain BikingEat Productions
2002Stone NudesStone Muse Media
2002-June 2003Still Magnolias: Irresistible Ladies of AikenAiken Area Council on Aging
April 2003-June 2004The Official SRL Nudie CalendarSurvival Research Laboratories INAS. S. Calendars
2003Stone NudesStonenudes
2004Anmut und SchönheitOVH
2004Breast of Canada CalendarSue Richards
2004Stone NudesStonenudes
2005Naked FolkJayne Tooley
2005Stone NudesStonenudes
2005The Naturist Society Calendar: Celebrating 25 YearsThe Naturist Society
2005The World Naked Bike RideWhispering Willow Publishing
2006Naked FolkJayne Tooley
2006Stone NudesMountain Gear
2006The Tree Spirit Project (ARA edition)World of Calendars
2007Naked FolkJayne Tooley
2007Stone NudesMountain Gear
2008Provocateur Women by Theresa LoschiavoProvocateur
2008Stone NudesMountain Gear
2008The Naturist Society CalendarThe Naturist Society
2009Naked FolkJayne Tooley
2009Provocateur (Tom Bianchi’s Out of the Studio, Men)Provocateur
2009Provocateur (Renee Jacobs, Women)Provocateur
2009Stone NudesMountain Gear
2010Stone NudesMountain Gear
2011Stone NudesStonenudes
2012Stone NudesMountain Gear
2013Stone NudesMountain Gear
2013The Naturist Society CalendarThe Naturist Society
2014Stone NudesMountain Gear
2014The Naturist Society CalendarThe Naturist Society
2015Stone NudesStoneMaster Books
2015The Naturist Society CalendarThe Naturist Society
2016Stone NudesStonenudes
2016The Naturist Society 2016 CalendarThe Naturist Society
2017Hitchin Ladies (Rugby)np
2017Stone NudesDean Fidelman
2018The Naturist Society CalendarThe Naturist Society