NEF Research Library Begins Digital Lending of Videos

Digital Lending was first announced back in February 2020, only offering a small amount of naturist music at the time. Through much of 2020, I posted reviews of the audio tracks while digitization activities were happening. By the end of 2020, everything was digitized (except one pesky Pathé record), making NEFRL’s collection the biggest group of skinny dipping, streaking, and nude-­related music available for free through the Internet.

Another section available for Digital Lending is the “Other Stuff”. These are all the odds­-and-ends items at the library. I’ve been cataloging each item while I digitize them, either photographing the item or using a flatbed scanner. Some of these items are pretty unique.

Our video library has always been a challenge. First and foremost, we hired the services of a company to digitize our eight 8mm celluloid films, and our one 16mm celluloid film. We announced the availability of these films in April 2020. The longest celluloid film is about 15 minutes, so the resulting file was small enough to fit on our web server.

Before any further films could be offered, we needed a whole new web server that allowed for larger files. As you saw in the December 2021 newsletter, our new websites were announced.
Following that, there was some effort to transition the Digital Lending system to the new web host. So far, it’s working great!

The next priority is to digitize the DVD’s, starting with the Fiction section. Then, the Non­Fiction DVD’s, and eventually the VHS tapes. It’s a long process, and we’ll keep rolling out new videos as we can make them available.

Read more about free Digital Lending and sign up at:­lending/