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The newsletter of the Naturist Education Foundation and the Naturist Action Committee.

Volume 1, Number 3.  March 2020.

A Little Behind in the Library.

Doug Hickok, NEFRL Director
The shelf you see in the photo above is a subset of the incoming donations, thanks to all our wonderful donors!  With our limited volunteers, we've been behind in merging these donations into the collection.  It's fair to say our behinds are now in gear and we're making good progress!

After a full weekend before the COVID-19 lock-down, we managed to clear off the top three shelves.  I'm estimating it'll take another two full weekends to complete merging in the new magazine donations, and our trips tend to be about once every two months.  I'll announce when the revised magazine list is published.

This isn't an easy task either.  For each issue, we need to find it in our index.  If it's new, we add it to the index and add it to the shelf, shifting the existing items to make room if needed.  If it's a duplicate, we still need to find it on the shelf so we can compare the quality and keep the best one.

At one point, I needed to shift nearly all the magazines starting with "S" by two shelves.  In a naturist collection, "S" is a significant letter, almost as big as "N".  I was also constantly walking back and forth, moving heavy boxes of magazines, bending, squatting, and crawling on the floor to find issues on the low shelves.  It's an exercise program I like to call "library yoga".  Soon enough I will be as fit as the cover model on the 1934 La Culture Physique I'm holding in the photo above.

Keep me in shape by keeping those donations coming!

If you're doing a little house cleaning and would like to make a donation, please get in contact and lets figure out the best way to make it happen.  Remember that any donation to NEF, either money or material, is tax-deductible.

Digital Lending and Self Quarantine

Doug Hickok, NEFRL Director
Are you getting bored while avoiding COVID-19?  Sign up to be a library member, and start making requests.  We have some interesting things to listen to that may not exist elsewhere online.  During the lock-down, we're allowing patrons to finish their loan early (instead of requiring it to be 14 days per loan).  Enjoy an album or three, and then request a few more to enjoy at your own pace.

Did I mention that becoming a member is FREE?  Click here to read how it works and how to sign up.

New Arrivals

Doug Hickok, NEFRL Director
How many vinyl records have you listened to lately?  Chances are, not enough!

NEFRL has a pretty large collection of vinyl records.  They were loosely split into two separate sets: Set One is "skinny dipping", and Set Two is "streaking".  Both of these topics were pretty popular when vinyl was the norm.

I'm pleased to announce that Set One is available for digital loan.  Check the Audio Materials page for the newly available items, and feel free to give them a digital whirl if you're a library member.

Also, I created a "demonstration page" with a NEFRL video and our oldest Edison record that I reviewed in the February newsletter.  Check it out!

Treasures of the Library

Doug Hickok, NEFRL Director
Over the next few issues, I'd like to highlight some of the interesting items from our audio CD collection, which has been available since February.  If you're a library member, you can listen to any of these albums by requesting the audio tag numbers.

Perhaps one of the most common naturist themes for artists to sing about is skinny dipping.  Although we have several, three albums stand out.

The most interesting, in my opinion, is a CD by Edens Edge (audio135).  They are a religious country band who normally have song titles like "Amen", "Last Supper", and "Christ Alone".  They are all natives of Arkansas and were performing from 2006-2013.  Their self-titled album peaked at #51 on the Billboard Top 200, and at #9 in the Billboard Top Country Albums.  Edens Edge have been on four tours with numerous big-name country music stars, and even did the National Anthem at a Monday Night Football game.  Believe it or not, the album contains a cute Skinny Dipping song where they positively say they're "pretty sure it ain't no sin" and "let's just hope nobody sees, but if they do so what."  This song, despite being from a religious artist, would fit in perfectly at a nudist dance.

Speaking of nudist dance parties, the Vengaboys did a Skinny Dipping song as well (audio233).  You may not recognize the name because they were a two-hit wonder in the USA during the late 1990's.  "We Like to Party" was their big dance hit, hitting #26 on the Billboard Hot 100.  "Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom" was the second hit which topped at #84.  After these hits, in 2000, the released The Platinum Album which has the Skinny Dipping song.  Interestingly, they are still active and just re-released this album on digital platforms this year.  The song itself describes rounding up a group of friends and having fun skinny dipping "all night long" or at least "until the cops show up, then we gotta run".

Lastly, I can't say it's the worst, but "Robby & Friends" (audio205) stands out as being notably bad.  (Not to be confused with "Robbie Krieger & Friends", an album by a former member of The Doors which I'm sure is excellent.)  The lyrics are quite positive to skinny dipping, but the phrase "paddling around in my embryo pool" seems a bit much.  All-in-all the off-key voices of the vocalists and the simplicity of the music just doesn't make a pleasant recipe.

An album I'd fully expect to have a Skinny Dipping song, but surprisingly doesn't, is "Songs for Naturists: Live from the Naked Front" (audio239), performed by Helene Williams and Leonard Lehrman who were part of the Opera/Musical Theater Special Interest Group (SIG) of TNS.  Not only was this a TNS SIG performing at the TNS gatherings, but the CD itself was at least partly funded by NEF about 20 years ago.

NAC News

Doug Hickok, NAC Board Member

With the COVID-19 crisis, and many state legislatures shutting down early, there hasn't been much news on the NAC legislative front.  It remains unclear what will happen to the bills being tracked by both NAC and GAT (the AANR government affairs team).  Does this mean we'll be twice as busy this Fall?  Only time will tell, but it's likely.

Here are a few interesting links detailing the impact of COVID-19 on the legislative sessions:

Help us prepare for a busy legislative session this Fall by getting involved now.  Since you have extra time, why not sign up to be a NAC Area Representative?  If that's too formal, you can always volunteer in other ways and help out behind the scenes -- just get in contact with us.  Or, if you're too busy, another critical piece is monetary donations.  The Naturist Action Committee relies entirely on generous donors like you, which helps us advance and protect the rights of naturists throughout North America.

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