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The following lists the NEF Research Library's present collection of entertainment audio recordings addressing nudism/naturism, skinny-dipping, and streaking. Items include comedy routines, individual jokes, vocal and instrumental music, and poetry. Recordings are on shellac 78 rpm, vinyl 45 rpm and 33⅓ rpm, cassette, and compact disk. When available, the list provides the performer, performance, composer/author, recording title, recording company, production code, date, medium, and genre.

Last updated: February 2020

Digitization Status:
Edison record: Complete
Pathe record: In Progress
Cassettes: Any week now
Vinyl records: Set 1 any week now, set 2 starting.
CD's: Complete

Artist, Title, by Artist, Producer, SerialNumber, Year, Media, CategoryDigital Asset Tag
Agent Orange, “Skinny Dip,” by Johnson/Curry, self-released, 245-T-3, 1992, 45 rpm, rock instrumental.Coming Soon!
Anderson, Joey, “Skinny Dippin’,” by Joey Anderson, Pop Songs…Anyone? J.A. Music Worldwide, PSA-44992, 2003, CD, pop.audio101
Andre Williams and the ’76 Revolutionaries, “Streakin’ Song,” by Williams/Elsman, Underground Records, ON-1976-10, 1974, 45 rpm, soul/pop.Coming Soon!
Arthur, Bea, “What Can You Get a Nudist for Her Birthday?” by Arthur Le Clerq, On Broadway: Just Between Friends, DRG Records, 2002, CD, comedy/music.audio103
Augustin, Earnst, Die Schule Der Nackten, Hoffman Und Campe Verlag, ISBN 3-455-30347-1, 2003, CD, audiobook.audio248
Australian Crawl, “Lakeside,” by James Michael Reyne, Sirocco, EMI Records, 8313672, 1993, CD, new wave/rock.audio104
Ball, David, Nood Music, Heritage Video, 1990, cassette, pop.Coming Soon!
Ballard, Hank, “Let’s Go Streaking,” by Ballard/Powell, Stang Records, ST-5053, 1975, 45 rpm, funk.Coming Soon!
Ballard, Hank, “Let’s Go Skinny Dipping,” by Ballard/Morris, Stang Records, ST-5061, 1975, 45 rpm, vocal music. (DJ Copy)Coming Soon!
Bare, Bobby, “They Covered Up the Old Swimmin’ Hole,” by Jack Clement, RCA Victor, 47-9314, 1967, 45 rpm, country.Coming Soon!
Bexley, Don and Dave Turner, “The Nudist Camp,” Laff of the Party, Vol. 8, Part 1, Dooto Records, DTE-239, 1957, 45 rpm, comedy.Coming Soon!
Big Chief, “Ludest Nudist,” Screwed, Amphetamine Reptile Records, ARRCD-67-010, 1996, CD, rock.audio110
Bouthiaux, Emil, Chansons Naturistes, Régence, LV, 1960s, 45 rpm, pop.Coming Soon!
Brown, Arelean, “I Am a Streaker,” by Brown/Coleman, Dud Sound Record Co., 4730, 1974, 45 rpm, R&B.Coming Soon!
Calypso Squibby, “Streaker,” by S. Commings, Straker’s Records, GS-188, 1975, 45 rpm, calypso.Coming Soon!
Campus Security, “Streakin’” and “Streakin’ Part II,” by Jerry Smith, Papa Joe Records, PJ-714, 1974, 45 rpm, country instrumental.Coming Soon!
Capitaine, Michael, “(She was a) Jaywalking Streaker,” by Michael S. Virzera, KEF Records, 4459, 1974, 45 rpm, comic song.Coming Soon!
Chicago Red Garter Band, The, “Streakin’,” by Frank Lavere, Atlas Records, A-101, 1974, 45 rpm, comic music.Coming Soon!
Chico Che y la Crisis, “Las Playas de Nudistas (El Tomavistas),” by Escolar/Martinez, Las Playas de Nudistas (El Tomavistas), WEA, LMWM-6643, 1986, 33⅓ rpm, vocal music.Coming Soon!
Cinerama, “Health and Efficiency,” by Simon Cleave, Scopitones, TONE-008, 2001, 45 rpm, rock.Coming Soon!
Cinerama, “Health and Efficiency,” by Simon Cleave, Manifesto, MFO-42403, 2001, CD, rock.audio119
Clark, Big Ed, “Sunbathin’ Nude,” by Big Ed Clark, Emerald Isle Records, 11-24-56, 1987, 45 rpm, vocal music.Coming Soon!
Colder, Ben, “Runnin’ Bare,” by J. P. Richardson, MGM Records, K-14420, 1972, 45 rpm, country.Coming Soon!
Colline, Paul, “Nudiste,” by Paul Maye, Pathé, X-94063, 1931, 78 rpm, comedy/music.Coming Soon!
Cook, Peter, “Peace Through Nudism,” by Peter Cook, Peter Cook Presents The Misty Mr. Wisty, Sound Entertainment, TLCD69, 2005, CD, comedy.audio123
Cook, Peter and Dudley Moore, “Peace Through Nudism,” An Evening with Peter Cook, Dudley Moore and EL Wisty, Polygram Record Operations, 522-101-4, 1994, cassette, comedy.Coming Soon!
Country D.J.’s, The, “Running Bare,” by J. P. Richardson, Allegheny, 1002, 1970s, 45 rpm, country.Coming Soon!
Crown Heights Affair, “Streaking,” by Nerangis/Britton, RCA, JH-10018, 1974, 45 rpm, funk.Coming Soon!
Dashing Dan, “The Streaker,” by James Cohn, PIP Records, PIP-8941, 1974, 45 rpm, instrumental.Coming Soon!
Deaton, George, “The Streak” (aka “The Snail”), by Frank Gosman, Country Showcase America, CSA-152, 1974, 45 rpm, comic music.Coming Soon!
Detlev, “F.K.K.,” by Siegl/Meinunger, Hansa, 100-816, 1979, 45 rpm, comedy/music.Coming Soon!
Don Lucho y Su Pandilla, “El ‘Streaking,’” by Luis Alva L., Discos Sono Radio, 13321-CUMBIA, 1974, 45 rpm, Latino pop.Coming Soon!
Dr. Duke Tumatoe and the Power Trio, “My Baby is a Nudist,” by Tumatoe/Gay, You’ve Got the Problem, Blind Pig Records, BPCD-5108, 2006, CD, comic music.audio131
Dr. Duke Tumatoe, “My Baby’s a Nudist,” by Tumatoe/Gay, Bob and Tom Gone Wild, Friggemall Records, FRIG-6061-2, 2002, CD, comic music.audio132
Druids, The, “The Liverpool Streaker,” by Rodgers/Williams, Liverpool Sound, LS-1795, 1974, 45 rpm, comic music.Coming Soon!
Dudley, Public Nudism, Do Right Music, 1994, cassette, pop.Coming Soon!
Dudley, Public Nudism, Household Ink, HI-107, 1994?, CD, pop.audio247
Edens Edge, “Skinny Dippin’,” by Berner/Veltz/Melamed, Edens Edge, Big Machine Records, BMREE-0100A, 2012, CD, Christian/country.audio135
Elephant’s Memory, “Rock ’n’ Roll Streaker,” by Frank/Bronstein/Robison, RCA, DJHO-0268, 1974, 45 rpm, rock.Coming Soon!
Elsink, Henk, “Nudisten Kamp,” by Henk Elsink, Philips, JF-336-602, 1970, 45 rpm, pop.Coming Soon!
FKK, wie isset? Live, LC-3034, 1996/1997, CD.audio245
Flesh Gordon and the Nude Hollywood Argyles, “Superstreaker,” by Sanford/Swift, Paramount Records, PAA-0289, 1974, 45 rpm, comic music.Coming Soon!
Floating Opera, “Let’s Streak,” by Hawkshaw/Davies, and “Keep On Streakin’,” by Hawkshaw/Davies, EMI, C-006-95648, 1974, 45 rpm, rock.Coming Soon!
Formby, George, “Sunbathing in the Park,” by Gifford/Cliffe/Kendal; “Five and Twenty Years,” by Formby/Gifford/Cliffe; “Easy Going Chap,” by Formby/Gifford/Cliffe; “Does Your Dream Book Tell You That?” by Gifford/Cliffe/Formby; “In My Little Snapshot Album,” by Harper/Haines/Parr-Davies; “Oh Dear Mother,” by Gifford/Cliffe/Formby; “I Couldn’t Let the Stable Down,” by Gifford/Cliffe/Formby; George Formby: England’s Famed Clown Prince of Song (Disks A-E), JSP Records, JSP-1901, 2004, CD, comic music.audio140
Formby, George, “A Lad from Lancashire,” by George Formby; “Grandad’s Flannelette Nightshirt,” by Formby/Latta; “I Always Get to Bed By Half-Past Nine,” by Formby/Gifford/Cliffe; “You’re Everything to Me,” by Roger MacDougal; “When the Waterworks Caught Fire,” by Formby/Cliffe; George Formby: The War and Postwar Years (Disks A-E), JSP Records, JSP-1902, 2005, CD, comic music.audio141
Formby Channel, “Scottish Nudist Camp,” by Ploppy, Noise Punk Records, NP-003, 2011, 45 rpm, punk.Coming Soon!
Four Guys, The, “Streakin’ with My Baby (on a Sunday Afternoon),” by Richard Garratt, Cinnamon Records, C-791, 1974, 45 rpm, country.Coming Soon!
Foxx, Redd, “The Nudist Girl,” Laff of the Party, Vol. 4, Dootone Records, DTL-227, 1956, 33⅓ rpm, comedy.Coming Soon!
Frierson, Ed and Lady Lynch, “A Streaking Fool,” by Nicholas De Palma, HUB Records, NR-4467-1, 1973, 45 rpm, pop.Coming Soon!
Gilfrigens, Lum, “Making it Big at the Nudist Colony,” Tattoo Records, n.d., 45 rpm, comedy (2 copies)Coming Soon!
Göpelt, Ekki, “FKK Olé,” by Hanno Bruhn, ZETT-Records, 1992, LC-7095, 45 rpm, pop.Coming Soon!
Gordon, Ricky, “De Nudist,” by Gordon/Rozenstraten, Cardinal Records, C-3113, 1970, 45 rpm, pop.Coming Soon!
Greene, Buzzy, “The Nudist Wedding” and “Games for Naked People,” Adam Stag Party Special, Number 5, Fax Records, FAXLP-1004, 1960, 33⅓ rpm, comedy.Coming Soon!
Greenfield Express, The, “The Streak,” by Adams/Jernigan, Atlantic Country, CY-4018, 45 rpm, country instrumental.Coming Soon!
Hansard, Kirk, “Nudist Colony,” by Fred Lienweber, Chart Records, 59-1017, 1968, 45 rpm, country (3 copies, each is different?, one is promo copy)Coming Soon!
Hardsell, Harold, “Speaking of Streaking,” and The Soul Streakers, “Streak Easy,” by R. Bland, ABC/Dunhill Records, D-4384, 1974, 45 rpm, break-in comedy.Coming Soon!
Henry, Bert, “Nudist Camp Nuts,” Bert Henry at the Hungry Thigh, FAX Records, FAXLP-3004, 1961, 33⅓ rpm, comedy.Coming Soon!
Henry, Bert, “Nudist Camp Capers,” The Uncensored Humor of Bert Henry, FAX Records, FAXLP-3001, 1962, 33⅓ rpm, comedy.Coming Soon!
Hot Ice, “Streakin’ and Freakin’ Pt. 1,” by Bishop/Turner/Bellman/Aekins, Atlantic, A-28515, 1974, 45 rpm, funk.Coming Soon!
Idaho, Ken with The Jimmy Heap Show, “The Nudist Colony,” Fame Records, FA-900, 1960s, 45 rpm, comedy.Coming Soon!
Inman, Autry, “Nudist Marriage,” Risque Records, 103, 1967, 45 rpm, comedy (3 copies).Coming Soon!
Ironing Board Sam with the Living End Band, “Let’s Streak” and “Space Streaker,” by Sammie Moore, Board Records, BR-003, 1970s, 45 rpm, R&B.Coming Soon!
Jackson, Brother Maze, “S-T-R-E-A-K-I-N-G,” by Maze Jackson, Satan’s Masterpiece New Fad S-T-R-E-A-K-I-N-G,” Biblesound, BSLP-120, 1974, 33⅓ rpm, sermon.Coming Soon!
James, Jesse, “Streakin’ USA,” by Jesse James, Caprice Records, CA-1987, n.d., 45 rpm, country/soul.Coming Soon!
Jerky Boys, The, “Sol’s Nude Beach,” The Jerky Boys 2, Select Records, 21664-2, 1994, CD, comedy.audio161
Jerry Murad’s Harmonicats, “Skinny Dippin’,” by Whitey Mitchell, Columbia, 4-43705, 1966, 45 rpm, instrumental music.Coming Soon!
Jethro, Stark Raving Bonkers, Sound Entertainment, TLL-39, 2003, cassette, comedy.Coming Soon!
Johnson, Nathan, “Uncle Milo’s Nudist Farm,” by Nathan Johnson, In Search of Flip, Nathan Johnson, NJCD-001, 1999, CD, vocal music.audio164
Johnson, Red, “Runnin’ Bare—Phase III,” by Red Johnson, Phase II, PH-35, 1970s, 45 rpm, country.Coming Soon!
Johnson, Ross, “Nudist Camp,” by Ross Johnson, Sugar Ditch, SD-034, 1993, 45 rpm, comedy rock.Coming Soon!
Jones, Billy and Ernst Hare, “Down at the Old Swimming Hole,” by Wilson/Brennan, Edison Records, 50841-L, Spring 1921, 78 rpm, vocal music.audio167
Jularbo, Carl, “Nudist-Polka,” by Evert Taube, Cupol, CEP-260, n.d., 45 rpm, polka instrumental.Coming Soon!
Kalil, Frank and Jay Taylor, “The Nudist Convention,” Town & Country Hotel Convention Center, AH-100, 1960s, 45 rpm, comedy.Coming Soon!
Keillor, Garrison, “Skinny Dip,” More News from Lake Wobegon, Disk 3: Love, Prairie Home Companion, PHC-15376, 1989, CD, comedy.audio170
Killer Bug, “One Eyed Nudist,” Cunt Explosion, Releasing Eskimo, IGLOO-004, 1995, 45 rpm, noise.Coming Soon!
Kirk, Steve, “Planning a Dance at the Nudist Club,” by Steve Kirk, Best of the Steve Kirk Put-Ons, Dynamic Records, 20522, 1972, 33⅓ rpm, comedy.Coming Soon!
Ladd, Cheryl, “Skinnydippin’,” by Siegler/Schuckett, Capitol Records, 4650, 1978, 45 rpm, country.Coming Soon!
Lujack “Superjock,” Larry, “The Ballad of the Mad Streaker,” by Whiteside/Naylor/Rusk, Curtom Records, CR-1998, 1974, 45 rpm, comic music.Coming Soon!
Marsh, Ron, Down At The Moonstone, written and sung by Ron Marsh, 1990, CD, homemade parodyaudio244
Matrix, “Streakin Down the Avenue,” by Baird/Zesses/Fekaris, Motown Record Corp., M-1301F, 1974, 45 rpm, funk.Coming Soon!
Mazzie, Maria and Jason Danieley, “Nellie, the Nudist Queen,” by Ross/Sargent, Opposite You, PS Classics, PS-536, 2005, CD, comic music.audio176
Mike Foley and the New Streakers, “The International Streaker,” by Mike Foley, Pumpkin Records, 6164-003, 1974, 45 rpm, comic music.Coming Soon!
Modern Man, “Folk Music in The Nude,” by Rob Carlson, Assisted Living, Inverted Turtle Records, 003, 2007, CD, folk.audio178
Moore, Rudy Ray, “The Streaker,” The Rudy Ray Moore Album: The Streaker, Kent Records, KST-021, 1975, 33⅓ rpm, comedy.Coming Soon!
Morro, Henry J., “Nudist Camps & Queers, 1964,” Somoza’s Teeth, New Alliance Records, 1994, CD, poetry.audio180
More Deep, Nudist, Sony Records, SRCL-2359, 1992, CD, techno/dance (non-nudist themes).audio181
Nesbitt, Jim, “Runnin’ Bare,” by Jim Nesbitt, Chart Records, CH-5052, 1970, 45 rpm, country.Coming Soon!
New Village Streakers, “Streakin’ USA,” by Chuck Berry, Arc Music Corp., 1974, 45 rpm, rock.Coming Soon!
Newhart, Bob, “Nudist Camp Exposé,” Warner Bros. Records, PRO-156, 1964, 45 rpm, comedy (2 copies).Coming Soon!
Noel, Hattie, “The Nudist Colony,” The Whole of Hattie Noel, Dooto, DTL-823, 1961, 33⅓ rpm, comedy.Coming Soon!
Norström, Bertil, with Nora Brockstedt, “Nudist-Polka,” by Evert Taube, Tango För Två, Cupol, CEP-99, 1957, 45 rpm, polka.Coming Soon!
North Junction, “Skinny Dippin’,” by Gary S. Paxton, Gambit, GAM-011, 1970s, 45 rpm, pop.Coming Soon!
Nudist Funk Orchestra, Beautiful People, live at Espy III, 2006, CD, funk.audio246
Nutter, Mayf, “Goin’ Skinny Dippin’,” by Mayf Nutter, GNP/Crescendo Records, GNP-808, 1976, 45 rpm, country.Coming Soon!
Omo the Hobo [Wellman W. Mohundro], “The First Three Days at the Nudist Camp Were the Hardest,” Party Album No. 6, Omo the Hobo, No. 6, late 1960s, 33⅓ rpm, comic music.Coming Soon!
Ortolani, Riz, Paolo Barca, Maestro Elementare, Praticamentte Nudista, CBS, CBS-3233, 1975, 45 rpm, movie soundtrack.Coming Soon!
Pala Brothers, “Streaker Polka,” by Bobin/Preda, Chicago Polkas, 448, 1970s, 45 rpm, comic music.Coming Soon!
Parker, Robert, “Skinny Dippin’,” An Introduction to Robert Parker, Fuel, 302-061-611-2, 2006, CD, R&B.audio193
Petrillo, Sammy, “The Nudist,” My Son, the Phone Caller, Surprise Records, SUR-110, 1963, 33⅓ rpm, comedy.Coming Soon!
Powell, Dick, “Cutest Little Nudist,” Russ Columbo Vol. 1 The Long Lost 1932 Broadcasts/Dick Powell ‘Live’ 1934, Broncoli Gegend, Gegend-32/34, n.d., 33⅓ rpm, pop.Coming Soon!
Pressner, Buddy, with Bob Vincent, “A Salute to Our Nudist Queen” and “Miss Nude America (Queen of Them All),” by Gordon Wagner, Mishawaka Records, M-7003, 1970s, 45 rpm, vocal music.Coming Soon!
Prima, Buddy, Give a Little Bit of Yourself to Mother Nature, Buddy Prima Productions, 9001, 1978, 33⅓ rpm, vocal music.Coming Soon!
Pure and Simple, “The Nudist Colony,” Hollywood Hot Shots, 371, 1937, 78 rpm, comedy. (Set Includes Shot Gun Wedding, A Hole In One, Since Ivan Started Divin')Coming Soon!
[Pure and Simple], “The Colony,” Party Records, 2557, 1940s, 78 rpm, comedy. (Set Includes The Ceremony, At The Bullfight, A Quaint Street, At The Seashore, A Pleasant Surprise, The Masseur, Golf, A Woman's Woe, The Widow)Coming Soon!
[Pure and Simple], “Nudist Colony,” Laff Records, L9B, 1940s, 78 rpm, comedy. (Includes Joy Stick.)Coming Soon!
[Pure and Simple], “Nudist Colony,” Good-Humor Records, I-0460, 1940s, 78 rpm, comedy. (Includes Two Old Maids In A Folding Bed.)Coming Soon!
Regurgitator, “I Wanna Be a Nudist,” by Ben Ely, I Wanna Be a Nudist, Warner Music Australia, 8573800672, 1999, CD, punk.audio202
Richardson, Lucretia, “Nudist Funeral,” Phone Pranks, Vol. 1, Landmark Productions, LP-3506, 1998, CD, comedy.audio203
Rick Springfield and Springfield Mass, “Streakin’ Across the U.S.A.,” by Rick Springfield, Columbia Records, 4-46032, 1974, 45 rpm, pop.Coming Soon!
Robby and Friends, “Skinny Dippin’,” by Robby Labovitz, Skinny Dipping, The Orchard, 2000, CD, vocal music.audio205
Roman IV, “FKK”, Algo…, Playhouse Ladomat,1996, 33⅓ rpm, house.Coming Soon!
Russell, Nipsey, “The Nudist Wedding,” Borderline Records, B-102, 1950s, 45 rpm, comedy (2 copies).Coming Soon!
Russell, Nipsey, “The Nudist Wedding,” Things They Never Taught at School, Humorsonic Records, NR-702, 1960, 33⅓ rpm, comedy.Coming Soon!
Sanfords, The, “Skinny Dippin’,” by Gary S. Paxton, King, 45-6396, 1972, 45 rpm, vocal music.Coming Soon!
Sarstedt, Peter, “Take Off Your Clothes,” by Peter Sarstedt, Valbiba, PR-50, 1971, 45 rpm, pop.Coming Soon!
Scofflaws, The, “Nude Beach,” by Buford O’Sullivan, Ska in Hi-Fi, Moon Ska, MR-052CD, 1995, CD, ska.audio210
Seals, Lynda, “Skinny Dippin’,” by Siegler/Schuckett, Fraternity, 3438, 1980, 45 rpm, soul.Coming Soon!
Shadowdancer, “Outdoor Nudist Wedding,” by Jack Montgomery, Tradition with a Twist, Shadow Dancer Music, 2008, CD, comic music.audio212
Shorr’s Streakers, “Streakin’ ’74,” by Dave Carter, Eastbound Records, E-625, 1974, 45 rpm, break-in comedy.Coming Soon!
Simpson, Red, “Streakin’ the Opryland Park,” Portland Records, 45-034, 1975, 45 rpm, country.Coming Soon!
Skunko and Sois, “Streakin’ U.S.A.,” by Guernsey/Guernsey, Sweet Breeze, NR-4429, 1974, 45 rpm, rock.Coming Soon!
Spooner, Russ, “The Nudist Camp,” You’ve Just Been Spoonerized, Mega Records, M51-5007, 1972, 33⅓ rpm, comedy.Coming Soon!
Stevens, Ray, “The Streak,” by Ray Stevens, Barnaby Records, B-600, 1974, 45 rpm, comic music (2 copies, different covers).Coming Soon!
Streakers, The, “Streakin’” and “Streakin’ Part Two,” by Sutton/Hall, ABC Records, ABC-11430, 1974, 45 rpm, country/rock (2 copies).Coming Soon!
Streaking Team, “Streaking,” by E. Govert, Vogue, VB-353, 1974, 45 rpm, pop instrumental.Coming Soon!
Super Nudist, Stick This in Your iPod and Smoke It, Super Nudist, 2009, CD, rock (non-nudist themes).audio220
Sweeties, “Streaking,” by Willer/Bourgoin, Chico, CHICO-3005, 1976, 45 rpm, hustle.Coming Soon!
Tapp, Demetriss, “Skinny Dippin’,” by Gary S. Paxton, ABC Records, ABC-11383, 1973, 45 rpm, country.Coming Soon!
Taube, Evert, “Den Lycklige Nudisten,” by Evert Taube, Jag är poet…, RCA, EPS-144, 1954, 45 rpm, polka.Coming Soon!
Taylor, Irving, “Cop in a Nudist Colony,” by Irving Taylor, The Garbage Collector in Beverly Hills and Other Work Songs for the Odd Job Holder, Warner Bros. Records, BS-1254, 1959, 33⅓ rpm, comic music.Coming Soon!
Terry Webb and the First Crossing, “Buck Naked Texas (is the Place),” Titen, 74-10, n.d., 45 rpm, country.Coming Soon!
This Heat, “Health and Efficiency,” by Bullen/Hayward/Williams, Modern Classic Recordings, LC-02677, 1980, CD, rock.audio226
Thomas, Bub [Charles David], “Visit to a Nudist Colony,” Roaring 20’s, RB-1001, 1960, 45 rpm, comedy (2 copies).Coming Soon!
Touch-n-Go, “Skinny Dippin’,” by Ed Schimley, Fraternity Records, F-3607, 1993, 45 rpm, pop.Coming Soon!
Treasure, “Come Streak with Me,” by Tom Plyer, Casablanca Records, NEB-0008, 1974, 45 rpm, pop.Coming Soon!
Trevor, Van, “Did I Have a Good Time (at the Sundown Nudist Camp),” by Van Trevor, Royal American Records, RA-23, 1970, 45 rpm, comic music.Coming Soon!
Turner, Larry, “Skinny Dippin’,” by Buddy Gibson, Steamboat Records, SR-101, 1979, 45 rpm, country.Coming Soon!
Burkhardt, Richie et al, “Streaking Sally,” by Hall/Moore/Whitfild, Circle H Ranch Presents Streaking Sally, Dynamite Records, 1974, 33⅓ rpm, pop.Coming Soon!
Vengaboys, “Skinnydippin’,” by Danski/Delmund, The Platinum Album, ISBA Music Entertainment, ISBCD-5055, 2000, CD, pop/dance. audio233
Wallis, Hank [Henry Strzelecki], “Skinny Dippin,” by Hank Wallis, Scorpio Records, SP-103-1, 1976, 45 rpm, country.Coming Soon!
Waxolutionists, Nudist Essentials, Deck8, 51061-1, LC6975, 33⅓ rpmComing Soon!
Weisberg, Tim, “Streak-Out,” by Weisberg/Blessing/Anderson/Johnson, A&M Records, AM-1520, 1973, 45 rpm, rock instrumental.Coming Soon!
Wieno, Bobby, “The Streak,” by Ray Stevens, Power Pak, PK-1001, 1974, 45 rpm, comic music.Coming Soon!
Williams, Jr., Hank, “Buck Naked,” by Hank Williams, Jr., Warner Bros. Records, 7-28120, 1987, 45 rpm, country.Coming Soon!
Williams, Helen and Leonard Lehrman, Songs for Naturists: Live from the Naked Front, Lehrman/Williams, 2005, CD, vocal music.audio239
Willie Flascher and the Raincoats, “(Everybody Wants to be a) Streaker,” by Nicholls/Duncan, Decca, F-13506, 1974, 45 rpm, comic music.Coming Soon!
Winfree, Ray, “Red Neck Streaker Peeper,” by Ray Winfree, Guess Records, No. 3000, 1974, 45 rpm, country.Coming Soon!

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