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The newsletter of the Naturist Education Foundation and the Naturist Action Committee.

Volume 1, Number 5.  May 2020.

Rich Pasco (1950 - 2020)

Bill Schroer with contributions from others, on behalf of the NAC and NEF Boards
Naturism has lost a strong and active practitioner/advocate in Rich Pasco who passed away on April 1, 2020.

Rich suffered what is believed to be a second hemorrhagic stroke during a photo hike with a friend.  Photography was another long-term interest and passion for Rich, and it's good that he was out doing an activity that he loved.

Rich had been subjected to a previous hemorrhagic stroke in the late fall of 2019 and while he had apparently mostly recovered his health....he acknowledged short term memory lapses.  He also noted in an e-mail discussion of his stroke that he had a different attitude about it than perhaps before... "Unlike a painful stroke in early December caused very little discomfort.  The early 'head spinning' sensation was replaced by a feeling of comfortable peace, even as I couldn’t remember important facts."

This was remarkable as Rich, a retired computer engineer and Ph.D in Electrical Engineering (Stanford) was all about facts, organization and detail.  In addition to being an engineer holding several US patents, Rich was a passionate naturist and manifested that interest in not only living openly as a naturist living in two naturist meccas (San Jose, California and Caliente Resort in Florida) but was actively involved in a number of naturist organizations and activities:

Rich had been a Board Member of the Naturist Action Committee (NAC) and the Naturist Education Foundation (NEF) three times since the organizations were founded, and was most recently two years into his term.  During our board meetings, Rich was always thoughtful, inquisitive, contributed valuable insights and challenged our conventional thinking about ways to move naturism forward.  His significant experience with naturism (he attended many TNS Gatherings and had homes in both California and Florida) informed our thinking as a board.  His analytical mind often provided perspective that we may have missed in our deliberations otherwise.  While our board meetings (mostly teleconferences) were primarily business oriented, our annual meetings, held in person, helped all of us get to know how personable, engaging and fun Rich was as a person.  As Chair at the time I found Rich to be a voice of reason and thoughtfulness that aided in the management of the conversation.  He brought great insight in a comfortable way to the conversation that aided rather than inflamed the discussion.

In addition to Rich’s naturist activism his many interests included serious nature photography (some published on National Geographic's "Your Shot" website) , "intern" with the Human Awareness Institute, nature walks, Scrabble playing (both real time and online), water volleyball (nude, of course), passionate reader (he was the first to acquire and use a Naturist Education Foundation Research Library membership card) and, a warm, thoughtful and wonderful human being.

Rich Pasco will be missed by all of us at the NAC and NEF boards and by his many friends, colleagues and family.

Rich reading at 19 months old.

Visiting the Land of Oobat

Claudette Richards, Comptroller and Area Representative for NAC and NEF, and Library Consultant for NEF
I first met Rich in the late 80's, and feel very blessed to have been able to share a friendship with him for over three decades.  We got to know each other even more-so in the early 90's as directors on the boards of the Naturist Action Committee and the Naturist Education Foundation, followed by many years of being NAC and NEF Area Representatives.  Given our mutual interests in history and education and respecting our mutual attention to accuracy and detail, it was always a joy to work together on various naturist projects regarding researching, documenting and archiving naturist history.  In spite of being busy and productive with our lives and our own local groups and responsibilities, we knew we could call each other any time (and often did) for advice, support, encouragement, celebrating, consoling, or just sharing a story or twisted joke. 

But my life was just one of so very many lives that he touched and changed.  He lived a full life, and like his name, it was rich with wonderful adventures.  He cherished the moments in his life and was always grateful for the good things in life.  Although deeply saddened, I'm celebrating the incredible life he lived -- a life well lived -- and will be forever thankful for his impact on my life as well as within the entire naturist community. 

Rich was on a photo hike, something he often did, on April 1st when he collapsed suddenly.  I am thankful that he, who loved so many friends, was not alone at the end, but with a friend and doing something he loved. 

Rich passionately believed in the goodness and missions of both NAC and NEF and supported them in various ways with his time, energy, and money.  He also provided an efficient means for Bay Area Naturists to easily donate to support the goals of NAC and NEF. 

In addition, he was very supportive of NEF Research Library's goals of preserving naturist history since the beginning of its creation six years ago.  As the first to acquire a NEFRL library membership, with the library having just finished digitizing some of the audio collection, he was also the very first to use his library membership to request and enjoy many of the old audio recordings.

Although we were able to see each other more this past year, and connected often by computer or phone, I’m especially grateful that we were able to share a memorable day of quality time together in March.  It was such a magical time and went by all too fast.  He showed me various naturist projects he wanted my help with and we made plans to do so, we spoke of our ancestors, we compared our medications and aches & pains just like a couple of old folks, we shared Dr Seuss and other quotes and John Prine lyrics, we spoke of personal growth, of caterpillars and butterflies, of love and loss, of the preciousness of life and the acceptance of death, of our longstanding friendship and adventures over the years, and laughed so hard we cried.  And, like always, he departed with a warm extended embracing hug as only he can give.

Looking back, one of my earliest recollections of Rich was of a conversation we had in the late 1980s regarding taboos in general, our society's taboo restricting or prohibiting the showing of select body parts, and the direct impact it has on us as naturists.  We spent hours sharing our thoughts of how certain behavior declared "unfit" for one group by custom or religion could be perfectly acceptable to another, and how regulations created and based on moral judgments, religious beliefs, or cultural norms could suppress entire subsections of society.  He shared with me a fable with an insightful perspective that he had written entitled, "The Taboo of Oobat" which was later published in Nude & Natural 12.4.

Fast forward 30+ years later.  In March while visiting with Rich we noted our observations of more and more people starting to wear face masks.  I told him that although the masks were now being worn because of COVID, I occasionally thought of his fable when I would see someone wearing a mask.  He was surprised that his story had left such a lasting impression and was so memorable to me. 

So, in memory of Rich, consider treating yourself with a brief visit to the land of Oobat.

If you have a copy of the 12.4 N magazine from 1993, now might be a good time to re-read “The Taboo of Oobat”. 

If you don’t have it, be aware that you can easily request a digital copy of the article from the NEF Research Library, and they will gladly send it your way.

[Editor's Note:  Anyone is welcome to put in a "Research Request" for N 12.4 pages 59-65.  The form is available at NEFRL under "Get Connected".  We normally ask for a donation along with the request, but in this case we'll fulfill the request for free.]

As the story begins,
   "Let's go for a moment to the mythical land of Oobat.  In Oobat, as in our modern Western world, certain parts of the body are designated 'private' and certain very natural and normal bodily actions are restricted to married couples in private.  But in Oobat, a different set of parts and acts are so selected...."

One of many who wish Rich well on his journey beyond physical constraints,
Claudette Richards

Busy Bees

Doug Hickok, NEF Chair
The month of May -- where did it go?  It seems like only a few days ago I was sending out the April newsletter.  Time flies when you're busy, I suppose.

If the month of May felt like it dragged on forever, get in touch with us and we'll put you to work!

This newsletter was intended to be somewhat retrospective, opting to announce things we've done instead of discussing things we're currently working on.  The list of things we, both NAC and NEF, have been working on recently is HUGE!  For being unpaid volunteers, most board members have been clocking quite a few hours each week, or entire weekends, to getting these projects moving and completed.

All the amazing announcements from those numerous projects are forthcoming.  Maybe next month, maybe next year.  It all depends on the size of the task at hand, and how many hours we can allocate to it.

We'd appreciate your time, or we'd appreciate your financial donation (so we can hire some help).  We certainly can't do it without your support, and we hope you feel the same gratification as us every time a milestone is met and an announcement comes out.

Reach us at: or
Donate to NAC:  Mail or online.
Donate to NEF:  Mail or online.

Thank you!

Cautious Re-Opening

Doug Hickok, NEF Chair
"Finally," some might say.  "It's too early," others might say.  Whether we agree or not, states have been lifting the COVID-19 lock-downs that have been in place for the last couple of months.  This means nudist beaches and resorts are cautiously re-opening as well.

Haulover, for example, is being re-opened by the county on June 1st.  Restrictions are in place though, like observing social distancing rules and wearing a face mask as appropriate.

The larger resorts are re-opening after making some changes.  For example, Bare Oaks (in Canada) lays out the changes pretty well and still has plenty to offer to visitors.  As an interesting note, they state:  "We are not allowed to open the pool but you can use the lake at your own risk."

Smaller resorts, however, may have a tough year ahead.  My nearest resort, VVRC, has closed the pool and pool area, where everyone generally congregated.  They've also cancelled the big fundraising events (Nude Car Show, Nude Olympics).  Beyond those things, there really isn't much else to do on the 17 acres they own.  I expect that many of the smaller resorts will be faced with the same challenges.

If you're able to visit the beaches and resorts, this would be a good year to do it.  They will need your support.

Treasures of the Library

Doug Hickok, NEFRL Director

The last of the series highlighting some of the interesting items in our audio CD collection.  If you're a library member, you can listen to any of these albums by requesting the audio tag numbers.

Perhaps the biggest collection of music we have is the George Formby collection.  Two box sets (audio140 and audio141), each containing five CD's of songs from the showbiz legend.  During the 1930s and 1940s, he became the UK's highest-paid entertainer with his light and cheeky ukulele songs.  Out of the 240 songs we have, at least 7 contains lyrics about nudist camps or going naked.  (The set contains some written notes so you're able to find these songs and see the lyrics.)

For modern music that is certainly to the point, a less popular band called "Modern Man" released a CD in 2007 titled "Assisted Living" (audio178).  It may not sound exciting at all, but there's one track that's pure gold. "Folk Music in the Nude" is a cute song that would fit right in at any nudist venue. They talk positively about going to a nudist venue in Paw Paw West Virginia (likely Avalon) and playing music with others, with lyrics like "Ain't nothing better than a weekend together singing folk music in the nude."  Since Avalon hosts Avalonfest, a 3-day music festival, it wouldn't surprise me if Modern Man has performed there.  Some other lines are "You don't need no pants, to enjoy a country dance.  And you don't need no bra, to sing along with kumbaya."  The only strange moment of the song is when they bust into French.

Speaking of performing music, Shadowdancer is a duo band who normally plays traditional Celtic music.  Their 2008 album "Tradition with a Twist" (audio212) includes two songs that aren't traditional.  Per their CD insert, "We've also added two original tunes including 'Make it Small' which is our theme song and, at the request of our local fans, an incursion into silliness with 'Outdoor Nudist Wedding' which is based on a true story."  Per the lyrics, one tricks the other into playing at this gig for some extra money, and neither are going to partake.  "I'm here to play, there ain't no way, no clothes that I'll be shedding.  I'll wear my pants and I won't dance at the outdoor nudist wedding."  The description of the event is pretty clever too: "Things big and tall, short and small, providing new sensations, things firm and round, things hangin' down, there's area violations!"  Sadly, this song does venture into sexual context towards the end, which is when they bolted to the car.

Jason Danieley and Marin Mazzie, from Broadway musical fame, released a duet CD in 2005 titled "Opposite You" (audio176).  Most of the CD consists of beautiful love songs.  And then there's a song that isn't -- "Nellie the Nudist Queen".  I have no idea what to make of this one.  You have to hear it for yourself.  It describes Nellie as a city gal "more than 9/10 pure", who gets abducted and taken to a nudist camp.  She's elected to be their nudist queen, apparently to recruit others while making trips to town undressed.  What follows is a rapid string of funny puns that you won't catch in one listen of the song.

Lastly, a smooth blues track by Dr. Duke Tumatoe, "My Baby is a Nudist" (audio131) is a notable mention too.  Apparently "she's proud" and when she "cuts the grass in summer, she draws a crowd."  He also describes a solution to Jehovah's Witnesses at the door -- "I sent my baby to answer it and they don't come back no more."  Play this at your nudist venue and I'm sure the ladies will be dancing.

NEF's Covert Mission during COVID

Doug Hickok, NEFRL Director
After numerous months of discussions, a couple months of planning, and a very difficult and risky five days, NEF has acquired a very special large donation.  This is the story of the trip.  The donation itself will be formally announced in the coming months.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we're supposed to stay home.  But NEF had a donation that needed to be picked up in person, from a high-risk donor in his 80's, who has a condition that is progressing at a rate where we probably couldn't wait until next year.  The significance of the donation, and the risk of waiting, made it clear that we needed to get this done as soon as possible.

We live in a pretty safe place.  Our rural home is in a county with a very low case count.  The donor also lives in a safe place, also rural in a county with a very low case count.  How do we get from A to B, and back, as safely as possible?  The absolute last thing I want to do is pick up a viral hitchhiker on the way to a high-risk donor.

The route from Wisconsin to the east coast crosses through some places with the highest COVID case counts -- New York state, Pennsylvania, and Chicago.  Ohio and Indiana aren't exactly safe states either.  The main route is interstate 90.  It's a tollway almost the whole way, which means the service plazas are the only free places to stop, so every COVID-carrying traveler is funneled into these small places.  We didn't want to risk it.

Our plan was simple; self-quarantine inside a mobile unit.  The donation probably could've fit in a pickup truck, but an RV would certainly be more comfortable.  We split the difference and rented a cargo van for a good low price.

Chateau de Penske, far away from Villa de COVID.

We brought our air mattress for the nights.  We brought our food in a luggage container, none of which needed to be cooked or prepared and all of which could be eaten while driving.  We brought our drinks in a 5-day cooler (which did last all 5 days).  And most importantly, we brought a portable toilet.  I wouldn't recommend that to anyone else but it worked.

Facilities at Chateau de Penske, our 1-star resort.

With almost everything stacked to the ceiling at the ends, the air bed fits comfortably in the middle.  (The cooler had to sit outside as there was absolutely no room left.)

During the journey we only left the van to stretch our legs, far away from anyone, or to fill up on gas.  The gas stops were pay-at-the-pump, with a mask and disposable gloves.

The drive itself was almost 20 hours, which we broke up into two 10 hour days of travel, each way.  At least the 20 hours back felt slightly quicker.  If that wasn't miserable enough, it was mostly rain during the whole five-day trip.  It certainly wasn't an easy road trip, but it could've been worse too.  It could always be worse.

Despite the challenge, it was a success!  Four wooden crates, plus a bunch of other stuff, hundreds of pounds in total weight, was successfully moved to the NEF Research Library.

That was the easy part.  Now we need to spend countless hours sorting, cataloging, promoting, and moving parts of it to and from new places.  If there's anyone in the Oshkosh area willing to help with these tasks, or any other library tasks, please get in contact.

Assembled and published for NEF and NAC by Doug Hickok,

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