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     Membership in TNS Chess is presently free and open to all having current TNS membership. See for information about joining. Then contact TNS Chess to enjoy chess au naturel.

     Mark Storey is the current president of TNS Chess. You can contact him with questions, suggestions, or requests for SIG membership at

     The "TNS" in TNS Chess stands for "The Naturist Society," a national membership organization started in 1980 that has ever since been a national leader in promoting, defending, and educating people about family-friendly naturist living. TNS produces a quarterly journal (Nude & Natural magazine), books (e.g., The World's Best Nude Beaches and Resorts), and videos. For many people, naturism simply means recreational skinny-dipping and sunbathing; for others it's a way of life. TNS Chess is a special interest group within TNS made up of chess enthusiasts.

     Naturism and chess. Why not? Most activities are more fun nude. Gardening, sailing, hiking, eating, socializing…the list is endless. Granted, there is not the obvious association of nudity to chess that the former has to swimming or sunbathing, but there are many TNS members who like to play the most noble of board games, so…why not naturism and chess?

     Naturist chess fans around the world have occasionally asked on blogs or discussion groups if others also wish to combine the two interests. Such messages posted for chess players usually invite chuckles and friendly derision among habitually clothed pawn pushers. More often than not the same messages posted to nudist groups receive positive but limited responses akin to "Sounds cool; I used to play and would love to pick up the game with other nudists." The threads rarely go much further than that, and even more rarely develop into real, human-to-human interaction.

     TNS Chess's mission is to facilitate informal and tournament chess in naturist and other family-friendly clothing-optional U.S. environments. Some events hosted by TNS Chess will be open to anyone and consist of casual, informal games. We'll offer instruction for beginners wishing to learn the rules, or tutorials on basic principles for those who've played in the past but are tired of having Uncle Chuck (or the kids!) beat them in five moves.

     TNS Chess goals also include preparing naturist chess players for tournament competition, and to host games, matches, and small Swiss, round robin, or quad tournaments.

The TNS Chess SIG hosts tournaments from time to time. Return to this page for news of upcoming tournaments.

For general information on the TNS Chess SIG,
contact Mark Storey at

     TNS Chess hosted its first event at the TNS Western Naturist Gathering at Lupin Lodge outside Los Gatos, California, August 15-18, 2013.

     Naturist/nudist groups are welcome to contact TNS Chess for advice on how to run their own clothes-free or clothing-optional chess event. It's easy, and we'd love to help…for the love of naturism and chess.