Lee R. Baxandall (1935-2008)
Founder of The Naturist Society (TNS), of Naturist Education Foundation (NEF), and of Naturist Action Commitee (NAC).

Dale C. Giese (1949-2015)
Writer, historian, genealogist, longtime naturist.

Nicky Hoffman
Co-owner of The Naturist Society, LLC (TNS). Editor and co-publisher of N magazine. Organizes and oversees TNS Gatherings. Through TNS, a donor of a significant amount of the material held by the Library.

Charles E. Perkins
Technologist, musician, longtime naturist. Active in the operation of Lupin Lodge, near Los Gatos, California. NEF acknowledges in particular the outstanding donation of materials by TNS member and longtime NAC and NEF supporter Charles Perkins. With an initial contribution of over 100 large boxes of nudist magazines and books, and later contributions of more than thirty additional boxes of materials, he single-handedly established the content that would instantly make the NEF Library a world-class naturist library. More than 90 percent of the present print collection exists because of Perkins's generosity. NEF is grateful for his continuing support of this dynamic, ever-growing project.

Gary R. Sweetnam (1938-2010)
Longtime naturist. Owned and operated Sweetnam Hardware and Model Trains in Peoria, Illinois.

Mark C. Storey
College philosophy professor, researcher, author, longtime naturist. Volunteer Director of the NEF Research Library. Donor of significant amount of the material held by the Library.

Margaret Thornton
Co-owner of The Naturist Society, LLC, co-publisher of N magazine. Through TNS, a donor of a significant amount of the material held by the Library.


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The Naturist Education Foundation Research Library owes its success to many people. Volunteers and donors to NEF are incredibly important to the NEF Library, and each donor may justifiably take pride in the existence and accomplishments of the Library.

Here, NEF acknowledges those who have contributed more than $1,000 in funds or materials for the NEF Research Library, or have made other noteworthy contributions.