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Cinema au Naturel

The definitive history of nudist film. Mark Storey's comprehensive genre study analyzes both the good and the bad in nudist film and video from the 1930's to the present. Entertaining and informative.

Author: Mark Storey
Soft cover, 288 pages, © 2003. 2nd printing 2015. Published by Naturist Education Foundation.
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The Lawmaker's Guide to Skinny-Dipping Issues

This informative document serves as a brief introductory guide to lawmakers considering measures that may impact the rights of skinny-dippers and nude sunbathers. Some lawmakers have been led to confuse mere nudity with the hot-button issue of sexually oriented businesses. The Lawmaker's Guide helps differentiate those very different issues and gives officials a firm legal footing for making the distinction.

The Lawmaker's Guide is a valuable informational tool for Naturists faced with imminent anti-nudity lawmaking, but it is also intended as a proactive resource, so that through education, conflict may be avoided.

Soft cover, spiral bound, 10 pages, © 1995 Naturist Education Foundation, Inc.
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Naturists: Upholders of Strong Family Values

In a troubled time when some opponents of nude recreation are attempting to portray nude beaches and "family" beaches as opposite ends of the spectrum, this carefully documented work establishes the true family-oriented character of Naturism.

Through examples and references to credible social studies, author Paul LeValley debunks some of the most damaging myths concerning social nudity, while making a strong case for Naturists as traditional defenders of true family values.

This publication is highly recommended as a valuable source of information for those facing situations in which Naturism has been improperly characterized. Strong Upholders is also widely used to lay a positive educational groundwork for the acceptance of Naturists in the context of a society that seeks the strength and effectiveness of family values.

Author: Dr. Paul LeValley. Soft cover, spiral bound,
© 1997 P. LeValley, published by Tallahassee Bare-Devils, Third Printing

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