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A course proposal for a college level adult-education class intended to increase awareness of the fundamentals of Naturism. Click here to see the course proposal.

The Naturist Education Foundation initiates and participates in projects designed to further the understanding and acceptance of naturism in North America. NEF also awards grants to those who have demonstrated a need and an ability to benefit the causes of naturism and body acceptance.

Because of its status as a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation, NEF cannot particpate in political lobbying. NEF's sister organization, the Naturist Action Committee, includes political action and political lobbying as a part of its responsibilities.

Selected Projects - Current and Ongoing

NEF is pleased to report the results of an important U.S. nationwide poll on the attitudes of Americans toward naturist issues. Click here for more information.

Selected presenters from the Naturist Education Foundation Speakers Bureau give presentations to college classes, community organizations, service organizations, professional associations, legislative bodies, and a variety of other groups. Click here for more information.

Naturist Education Foundation Speakers Bureau

Naturism in America

Taking the Pulse of the Public: NEF/Roper Poll 2000

NEF Video Project: Chasing the Sun

An award of $1000 and a one-year membership with The Naturist Society, offered as often as twice a year, for a superior original research essay on the topic of naturism. General eligibility: submissions must come from students current enrolled in an accredited college. Special eligibility: both awards are available to current members of The Naturist Society. One of the awards each year is available to a student who is not a member of The Naturist Society. Click here for more information.

Naturist Education Foundation Scholastic Award

A growing online compilation of legal material pertinent to naturists and nudity-related issues. Provided as a service to the general community and available on the website of the Naturist Education Foundation.
Click here to visit the Toni Egbert Library

NEF's Toni Egbert Naturist Law Library

NEF commissioned an update to an important public opinion poll, establishing new evidence of the widespread support for skinny-dipping and nude sunbathing.
Click here for more information.

Updating the Pulse of America: NEF/Roper Poll 2006

Three awards are offered annually to each naturist youth camp associated with The Naturist Society for superior original essays on the topic of naturism. Eligibility: limited to youth participating in those youth camps. Parental permission is required. Click here for more information.

Naturist Education Foundation Junior Scholastic Award

All Politics are Local: NEF California Poll 2009

In 2008, the California State Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) abruptly terminated a long-standing policy that implemented management for clothing-optional recreational areas in units of the State Park system. DPR officials claimed they were "doing the will of the people of California." The Naturist Education Foundation wanted to hear from the people themselves. NEF commissioned the prestigious polling firm of Zogby International to ask the questions statewide. The survey included insight into social attitudes concerning nudity, privacy and offense, as well as specific issues dealing with clothing-optional recreation on public land in general and California state parks in particular. The results were not as DPR officials had imagined them to be.
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South Florida Free Beaches (SFFB) publishes educational and informational material for distribution to beachgoers at Haulover Beach in South Florida. Many of the recipients are new to clothing-optional area on public land. NEF made a grant to SFFB to assist in the development and printing of their primary beach brochure.


Naturist Information for Beachgoers

Preservation of Naturist Venues on Public Land

NEF has given financial support to the Wreck Beach Preservation Society for legal expenses associated with the effort to protect an important clothing-optional beach from encroaching construction.


Naturism in the Heartland

NEF has made a grant to the Lake Edun Foundation, a 501(c)3 charitable foundation, to assist with the production of a suite of body-positive theatrical plays in Topeka.


NEF undertook and completed production of a video proactively aimed at introducing naturism to non-naturist audiences. The result is Chasing the Sun, directed by acclaimed film maker and videographer Edin Velez. Among NEF's targets are civic and community service organizations, where an improved understanding of naturism can be enormously important when extreme views on nudity are imported as part of a local issue.  Click here for more information.

First Amendment Issues

Challenging Improper Enforcement

Jurisdictional Issues

Rights of Naturist Families

Topfree Rights of Women

NEF has given financial support to a lawsuit filed against Brevard County, seeking to overturn its anti-nudity ordinance on First Amendment Constitutional grounds.


NEF arranged for legal representation and provided financial support for the successful legal challenge that resulted in the overturning by the Hawaii Supreme Court of convictions for nude sunbathing at a remote beach on Oahu.


In a move that could set a chilling precedent that goes beyond Naturist activities, Brevard County, Florida, has insisted that it has the right to enforce its local anti-nudity ordinance on federal property at Canaveral National Seashore. Central Florida Naturists has challenged that notion in federal court, and NEF has assisted with legal expenses.


NEF was a financial supporter in the civil lawsuit brought by Central Texas Nudists and a Naturist family against Travis County, Texas, following the county's prohibition of families with children at Hippie Hollow, a county-operated, officially clothing-optional public park.


Selected Grants - Recent and Past

NEF was a financial supporter in the trial and appeal of Evangeline Godron, who was arrested at a municipal pool in Saskatchewan for refusing to wear a top to her swimming costume.


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NEF is pleased to report the results of its latest U.S. nationwide poll on the attitudes of Americans toward naturist issues. The nationwide opinion survey was accompanied by three valuable state-specific surveys, each of which allows a close look at a selected population. The Naturist Education Foundation commissioned the prestigious and independent Zogby Analytics polling organization to conduct each of these scientifically valid and statistically valid opinion  surveys.

Click to see:
      NEF 2015 US Poll
NEF 2015 FL Poll
NEF 2015 NY Poll
NEF 2015 CA Poll

NEF Takes the Pulse of the Public: NEF 2015 Polls

Selected Projects - Recent and Past

The Naturist Education Foundation has awarded several substantial grants to The Naturist Society (TNS) for the purpose of publishing and distributing certain informational and educational material through the vehicle of TNS's Nude & Natural magazine. Consistent with NEF's educational and informational mission and its status as a 501(c)(3) public charity, the material is available to both the naturist community and members of the general public.


Naturist Information, publishing and distribution

NEF has gathered, and has committed to preserve, an impressive array of naturist-themed books, magazines, videos, ephemera, and other items. On the day the NEF Research Library opened, it was instantly the largest collection of its kind on the planet. Work continues on cataloging and enhancing the Library's holdings. Located in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, the Library is open to serious researchers, by appointment.
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Naturist Education Foundation Research Library

Author Mark Storey spent years meticulously researching the history of nudist film, creating Cinema au Naturel, the definitive work in that field. In 2003, NEF underwrote the 1st printing of the book. When it went out of print, the information became hard to find, NEF commissioned a limited 2nd printing.
Click here for more information.

Cinema au Naturel - a limited reprinting of the authoritative resource

Topfree Rights of Women

NEF has assisted with expenses in the lawsuit of topfree activist Anni Ma, who was protesting at a political rally. She was thrown to the ground, arrested, and taken into custody by Los Angeles Police, despite having broken no law. No criminal charges were formally made. Ma is suing for damages, for gender discrimination, and for violation of her civil rights. This is certainly a women's rights issue, but NEF also views topfree issues as matters of incremental body acceptance, important to all who espouse the fundamental tenets of naturism.