The Naturist Education Foundation Junior Scholastic Award

     In an ongoing effort to encourage and acknowledge thoughtful writing by youth on naturism, the Naturist Education Foundation (NEF) has established the NEF Junior Scholastic Award. NEF offers three awards of $50 annually to youth camps (hereafter "youth camp") associated with The Naturist Society for superior original essay submissions (hereafter "essay") on the topic of naturism. Any youth participating at a youth camp that has a writing contest or workshop may be considered for the award. A winning essay may, upon approval of the magazine's editors, be published in Nude & Natural magazine, the quarterly journal of The Naturist Society, and on the Naturist Education Foundation's web site.

     Who may submit an essay for the NEF Junior Scholastic Award?
Any youth 18 years old or younger enrolled or attending a youth camp may participate in a camp-directed essay contest or workshop. The directors of each camp will select the winners of the NEF Junior Scholastic Award. A youth may receive at most one such award, although there is no limit to the number of essays a youth may submit. TNS staff, NEF board members, and their immediate families are not eligible for the NEF Junior Scholastic Award.

     What kind of essay may be submitted for the NEF Junior Scholastic Award?
Essays submitted for the NEF Junior Scholastic Award must be original and produced by the youth at the youth camp in a writing contest under the direction of the camp directors. Essays must focus on issues pertaining directly to naturism. By "naturism," NEF refers to the practice of social nudity as defined by The Naturist Society: a way of life in greater fidelity to nature, with a norm of full nudity in social life. More generally, naturism is to be understood, for the purposes of offering the NEF Junior Scholastic Award, to pertain to non-erotic social nudity. This would include for instance, but not be limited to, the youth's personal experience with or appraisal of naturism, or experience or appraisal of a specific naturist setting. Camp directors may establish topic guidelines, as long as the guidelines are consistent with the parameters outlined here. Submissions may be essays, short stories, poetry, or other forms of fiction. The length of each essay will be determined by the youth camp director, who can proportion the length and topic to the writers' age. There is no demand for writers to conform to a particular style sheet or manual of style.

     Essays may be submitted to youth camp directors in hand-written form or printed, depending on the youth camp's facilities. Youth camp directors will then forward the winning entries to NEF for possible publication in Nude and Natural magazine and on the NEF website.

     Who determines the recipients of the NEF Junior Scholastic Awards?
The Naturist Education Foundation is governed by board members democratically elected to the Naturist Action Committee by and from the membership of The Naturist Society or duly appointed by the board to fill vacancies. The NEF board has established the NEF Junior Scholastic Award Committee, consisting of NEF board members and others they may select from outside the NEF board. Members of the NEF Scholastic Junior Award Committee are selected on the basis of their experience in academia, writing, editing, publishing, naturism, and development of scholarship or award programs. This committee will confer with youth camp directors in an advisory role in establishing criteria for reception of the NEF Junior Scholastic Award. The youth camp directors, however, will determine the recipients of the NEF Junior Scholastic Awards.

      What else do youth and their parents/guardians need to know if they are interested in submitting essays for the NEF Junior Scholastic Award?
Naturists endorse the rights of parents to imbue their children with the values of the parent, including naturist values, if the parent so chooses. This acknowledgment of parental rights extends generally. A minor youth submitting material for the NEF Junior Scholastic Award must have permission from his or her parent or legal guardian. This requirement does not apply if the youth has reached the local age of majority, or is otherwise considered to be an adult under applicable law.

     Recipients of the NEF Junior Scholastic Award or their legal guardians are responsible for any taxes that may apply because of the receipt of the award. The Naturist Education Foundation may modify or terminate the Award at any time. If anyone has any specific questions not addressed here, please contact NEF at:


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